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Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Quino)

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Latin America and North America
Asia, Europe, Quebec

Mr. Guillermo Lavado

Book publishing in Latin America and North America
please contact: Guillermo Lavado


Authorization in Latin America and North America

Authorization for press, school books, language courses
please contact: autorizaciones 


Press office 

please contact: prensa


Spectrum Brand Consulting

Merchandising in Latin America
Mr. Javier Toulicot

please contact: Javier Toulicot


Mr. Ivan Giovannucci

Book publishing, merchandising, authorization for press, school books, language courses in Europa, Quebec, Asia

please contact: Ivan Giovannucci

El Ocho, Licencias y Promociones S.L.

Merchandising in Spain and Portugal
Ms. Pilar Fernández-Vega Feijoo

please contact: Pilar Fernández-Vega

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