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Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Quino)

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Quino’s books have sold more than 20 million copies and have been translated into at least 26 languages. Each book features a variety of covers; click here to view some of the more than 200 different covers of Quino’s books from around the world.

Language     Publishers

Armenian     Antares Media Holding

Braille      Editora Nacional Braille y

             Libro Parlante

Bulgarian    Agata-A Publishers


Chinese      Crown Publishing Company

             Emily Publishing Company

             Ginkgo (Beijing) Book CO., LTD 

             Yilin Press   

             Shanghai 99 Readers’ Culture


English      Ediciones de la Flor


French       Glénat Editions

German       Carlsen Comics


Greek        Medusa-Selas Ekdotiki


Guaraní      Editorial Servilibro


Hebrew       Tesha Neshamot Books


Italian      Nuvole Salani


Polish       Wydawnictwo Nasza Księgarnia


Portuguese   Babel (Portugal)  

             Martins Fontes (Brasil)

Rumanian     Grupul Editorial Art

Spanish      Ediciones de la Flor

             Los libros más Pequeños del Mundo


             Penguin Random House México










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