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Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Quino)

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Quino’s books have sold more than 20 million copies and have been translated into at least 26 languages. Each book features a variety of covers; click here to view some of the more than 200 different covers of Quino’s books from around the world.

Language     Publishers

Armenian     Antares Media Holding

Braille      Editora Nacional Braille y

             Libro Parlante

Bulgarian    Agata-A Publishers


Chinese      Crown Publishing Company

             Emily Publishing Company

             Ginkgo (Beijing) Book CO., LTD 

             Yilin Press   

             Shanghai 99 Readers’ Culture


English      Archipelago Books


French       Glénat Editions

German       Carlsen Comics


Greek        Medusa-Selas Ekdotiki


Guaraní      Editorial Servilibro


Hebrew       Tesha Neshamot Books


Italian      Nuvole Salani


Polish       Wydawnictwo Nasza Księgarnia


Portuguese   Penguin Random House (Portugal)  

             Martins Fontes (Brasil)

Rumanian     Grupul Editorial Art

Russian      Melik-Pashaev Publishing House

Spanish      Ediciones de la Flor

             Los libros más Pequeños del Mundo


             Penguin Random House México










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